Following is a gallery of items for sale. CLICK on the image to see a larger view. Each larger view image has an “add to cart” button to purchase. Thank you for viewing the gallery!

Framed: mixed media on wood-paper, acrylic, crackle technique. 10X8 $125

The Other Side of Me 13X12: framed mixed media on wood, acrylic, pencil, paper, $150

It is Complicated, 14X10″ mixed media with resin $250

He Did It! 15X9″ mixed media ruler frame $200

Playing Your Cards Right, 16X13″ mixed media playing cards, beeswax in shadow box $500

A Tribute to Street Art, 16X20″, mixed media printed on metal $300

Blind Leadership, 19X14″, mixed media on paper in handcrafted frame $400

Forgetting the Past, 10X14″ mixed media collage on wood $200

Family of Origin; 10″X15″; $110 unframed

Front E; 17X13″; $200 framed

Steamed; 12X10″; $110 unframed

Bear Lee; 14X11″; $125 framed

Busy Bee Girl; 14X11″; $175 framed

Miss Tury; 10X8″; $150 mounted on cradle frame

Party Animals; 12X13″; $175 framed

Never Again; 17X13″; $200 framed

The Journey; 15X10″; $200 printed on metal

My Prince Passing By; 14X11″; $225 printed on metal

The Library; 23X19″; $250 framed

Play More; 24X17″; $300 framed

Reaching Out, 14X8.5″. mixed media collage on wood $200

The Critic, 12×12″ mixed media canvas, wire bottle $200


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