August Challenge

Want to play? Check out the August challenge below. Here is the inspiration for the challenge and it’s going to really push you to ‘alter’ your focal point and enjoy the process of collage. Are you ready?

  1. One altered book.
  2. One focal point.
  3. Limited background materials.

The challenge; your ONE focal point will be used throughout your altered book.

  1. Change that focal point by adding or subtracting elements.
  2. Limit your background supplies to one medium~acrylic, watercolor, oils, pastels.
  3. Use those in different ways through out your book.
  4. Create a story or poem about each altered image using the discarded pages from your altered book.

My Intentions: I will be using ONE image of Frida Kahlo. I will be using acrylic spray paints for the backgrounds and I will be creating poems to go with each altered image.

If I can do this, you can do this! So go create, go play & go have fun! Post your work on Facebook!


  1. Shelley J Franklin

    I adore your inspiration and admire your work and talent.
    So wish I were able to be closer and take on of your workshops.

    You have ignited in me a Flame restoring my passion and creativeness to grow and develop beyond my wildest dreams.

  2. Hi LorriMarie
    Your YouTube tutorials have changed my whole view of doing art work. On one of the tutorials you mentioned selling a vintage packet. I would love to purchase one but I can not find out how. The only problem I might have, Facebook is mentioned a number of times and I refuse to renew my account. Hope you can still help me out.

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