“I am so happy to finally met you. I enjoyed your zoom workshop (Little Metal Book) very much. I like how you did a video in the beginning of the workshop showing what you used and how you made your grungy goodness. You inspired me. It was very helpful when you checked on all of us. I was inspired by everyone. You are a smooth operator. Perfect “10”. I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait to take a workshop on zoom with you again.” ~ Sharon R, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“YOU inspired me to create an altered book & I haven’t stopped playing since you’ve motivated & given me courage to be “okay” with “imperfection” when it comes to art 🖤 VERY grateful the universe put us in each other’s paths of life! I have NO finger function & because you’ve shown me art in a whole different way, I have pushed myself more & more every day to find ways & means to be able to play on the table with minimal assistance from my caregivers. Thank you LorriMarie” ~ Kylie J.

“LorriMarie you are magical.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all you do. You have sparked a part of my soul that I didn’t know existed!  While I grew up in NY and spent my days in galleries, museums and surrounded by the art world and I absolutely adored and marveled in it, I never thought to pick up a paint brush and try it myself. One day while looking for an outlet after my grown sons moved away I found you and a new path was created. Your light, art and inspiration opened a door and added a beautiful new layer to my life. Who would’ve thought at my age that I would call myself an artist!?  I remember sending you a note on YouTube and you graciously responded. I was visiting my son in CA and purchased your travel kit to play with. When I got home after binge watching all of your videos, I started gathering what I could…my sons old paints, markers, crayons, etc and got my hands moving. It was amazing and enlightening!  My passion grew, my creative side and my art evolved. This past year has been such an amazing journey and I just wanted to thank you for your guidance (through YouTube and Patreon) on this artful and magical path.  I hope to one day take one of your classes (if you ever come to Florida) and be in the presence of your powerful energy!  In the meantime, while I don’t say much comment wise I am quietly observing  and watch your videos in awe of all you do. Again, I just wanted to express my gratitude. Hope you have a blessed day. Love and light.” ~ Gale P.

“LM, thank you for endless inspiration and encouragement. Your videos, examples, and care taking of our community has given me the confidence and courage to ‘be seen’ and see myself as an artist. You are truly a light of love in this crazy world!” ~ Denise F.

“LorriMarie, LorriMarie
Your Art is amazing
Sumpthin, Sumpthin to see
Underpants here, stabilo there
Handsome hubby and Hudson
And you on the chair
Paint and ink and stencils galore
All you fans want more! more! more!
Dark o’clock 1oclock any time of day
Watch you on YouTube then have your say
Your creations, ideas are sooo unique
We are all addicted every day of the week
Gesso and mod Podge some old books too
Focal points, gelatos, don’t forget baby blue
Your special, your talented, your so much fun
Quirky, good looks and that’s only some
Keep doing your Art for as long as your able
Go create, Go play, Go have fun!!!
See ya on the table!!” ~ Catherine G.

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